3.0 States of Matter

3.0 States of Matter

Matter in Chemistry is anything physical i.e. made of atoms. The States of Matter model suggests that matter can exist in one of three forms, solid (s), liquid (l) or gas (g). Below there is a learning checklist for you t

This chapter is plot into three topics:


3.1 The Partilce Model of Matter; the modelling of matter as small ball shaped particles to explain the diffrenet properties of solids, liquids and gases. 

3.2 Seperating and Purifying Matter; Four diffrent techniques used to separate and purify mixtures of matter: Filtration, Crystallisation, Distillation (Simple and Fractional) and Chromatography. 

3.3 Extension Material; Find out about plasma, the fourth state of matter, And delve into some of the interesting details of matter.