2.0 The Periodic Table – Contents and Learning Checklist

2.0 The Periodic table

Before reading this chapter you should know what an atom is. Elements are atoms of a specific number of protons. All the solids, liquids and gases known on earth are made from combinations of the elements in the periodic table. Currently we know of 118 different elements. Some elements have a much higher abundance (occurrence) than others.

This chapter is split into three sub-topics:


2.1 A history of the periodic table; an overview of the development of the periodic table – not needed at GCSE but interesting. 


2.2 The Modern Periodic Table and Dimitri Mendeleev


2.3 Groups one, seven and zero; Groups 1, 7 and 0/8 are the three groups that we need to study. each group its own page

2.3.1 Group 1 – The Alkali Metals

2.3.2 Group 7  – The Halogens

2.3.3 Group 0/8 – The Nobel or Inert Gases